• Upgrade from Lekseecon

    http://www.mycockpit.org/images/nico/1.png Our very own Nico Kaan has now upgraded lekseecon files from Windows XP to Windows 7 64 bit, and has also migrated from FS9 to FSX. In this processs these files have also been improved and enhanced.

    What are the changes?
    • One and the same lekseecon version for FS9 and FSX! No FS9 or FSX specific variables anymore. The FSX-ONLY vars implemented via Simconnect did not add particular value to lekseecon. It is not core business of lekseecon (which is connecting SIOC to SDK), so I simplified it. You can use the same SIOC code for FS9 as FSX, there is no real need for Simconnect. So away with lekseecon9 and lekseeconX. From now on itís one program lekseecon.exe that can be used in both environments. Look at my cockpit767 SIOC code for an alternative SIOC script if you were using FSX-only variables. The three FS9-ONLY variables are now always present. Note: If you are using a lekseecon(9/X).ini file, don't forget to rename it to lekseecon.ini
    • The lekseecon_log.txt file will be written in your My Documents folder thus no longer in the lekseecon folder.
    • The check, at startup, whether there is a Level-D 767 aircraft loaded, has been removed. This check was not always reliable, leading to hick-ups. Lekseecon runs fine without this check. It is your responsibility to have a 767 flight loaded when you start lekseecon
    • Six more Control Variables for lights tests were added in order to facilitate working with multiple SIOC scripts. Now there are plenty of Control Vars available to give each script for a Opencockpits module a separate Var for lights tests, so these modules can be combined and compiled without changing the scripts.
    • Not a lekseecon change, but for reasons of convenience: I have put all my SIOC scripts for Opencockpits modules (with new support for the COM737!) in the lekseecon installer package. You will find these in the subfolder ocm.
    • Finally, all my oher SIOC scripts are also available, look in folders mcp767 and cockpit767

    Visit to download new version.