• GarSIM GNS Hardware from Emuteq

    Emuteq has announced the release of the GarSIM GNS hardware. This hardware interfaces with RealityXp's software, for FS2004, FSX and X-plane. Features of this hardware inclide integrated NAV and COM tuning, adjustable backlighting, full USB plug and play.

    The press release from Steve Masters of Emuteq is appended below:

    http://www.emuteq.com/images/tn_P1010248.JPG http://www.emuteq.com/images/tn_P1010184.JPG http://www.emuteq.com/images/tn_rear.JPG

    The new GarSIM GNS530..........

    Over 12 months in development, Emuteq is pleased to bring you unparalleled realism in flight simulation. The GarSIM GNS530 is closely based on the real world Garmin GNS Aviation Navigation unit. Designed to work in conjunction with the excellent Reality XP software, our hardware interface completes the package.
    We have taken care to design the unit as an almost 1:1 scale replica of the original.

    Main Features Include:

    • USB plug and Play interface, easy installation.
    • Standard VGA display.
    • Adjustable backlighting.
    • Optional 12V DC input for screen power.
    • Detatchable desk stand for panel mounting.
    • Non-slip rubber feet.
    • Tough brushed stainless steel enclosure.
    • CNC machined black anodised front panel.
    • Unit wt. 830g
    • FS2004, FSX and X-plane compatible
    • Utilises full RealityXP functionality

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