• NTHUSIM Announces A New Release

    NTHUSIM New Release

    NTHUSIM is pleased to announce the release of NTHUSIM 1.1.127.

    With your guidance we have added the following features:

    1. Cropped Window Feature
    2. Backup & Restore Feature
    3. CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) Character Support

    Cropped Window Feature

    We are all very excited about this feature. The idea here is to run Flight Simulator in windowed mode, so that you can undock views, but have it behave as though it were running in fullscreen mode.

    You probably recognize the problem: in windowed mode you can undock your views and put them on other displays, but in windowed mode you have to put up with the window borders. If you want to have your GPS view on another panel, you have to have window borders on your exterior visuals.

    Enter the Crop Window feature!

    Now, you can undock your GPS view and place it on another display. Then crop the windows and your exterior visuals can be seamlessly fullscreen. It’s the best of both worlds.

    Backup & Restore Feature

    We all know how important it is to backup. You’ve got all your files backed up right now, haven’t you?


    NTHUSIM now has an easy-to-use backup and restore feature. Click the “Backup” button and it will ask you where to save the configuration file. Click the “Restore” button and you can recall that file again later.

    You can also use this to transfer your configuration between computers or operating systems. Just backup from one and restore to the other.

    CJK Character Support

    Your configuration is now correctly saved if you have CJK characters in your windows username.

    We had a lot of fun working on this feature! We came up with all sorts of interesting names while testing and had a great time exploring the character set.

    For more information click on NTHUSIM logo: