• New 737NG Avionics Suite

    Aerosoft Australia is developing an affordable, realistic and easy to use suite of avionics systems. Their goal is to remove the huge learning curve associated with aircraft avionics whilst maintaining accurate and complete displays.

    Aerosoft Australia says "...Weíve made a lot of the systems easy to use but thatís not to say most donít behave like the real ones. Flight plan entry into the FMC for example is identical to the real one, but vertical navigation and use of the MCP has been made easier. Not sure what these terms mean or how to use the systems? No need to worry because weíre planning some easy to understand tutorials that include video so you can learn at your own pace. We want everyone to enjoy flying a full glass cockpit and if youíre familiar with them already youíll feel right at home with ours.

    Our software setup is also simple. Just two executable files with no tweaking. Itís all done for you. We also include thousands of fixes, airports and airway routes from data supplied by Navigraph.

    Our avionics package runs using Microsoft Flight Simulator on one PC or across a maximum of three networked PCs. Youíre not locked in to one aircraft in Flight Sim because this is a standalone suite of software. Each display is separate and can be scaled and positioned anywhere on the screen. So fly it on a single monitor, multiple monitors or build your own home cockpit around it. The choice is yours....

    For more information and screenshots visit their website.