• New Vendor Announcement

    Flight Facsimile is a new company from Brisbane, Australia. We have asked David Proud, Director, to give us a little background and information regarding their products:

    Flight Facsimile releases newest product - Illuminated versions of all knobs in current range!

    Flight Facsimile has launched a new illuminated variant of all knobs in its current range, with an Airbus selection to be added soon.

    We try to keep prices down as low as possible but still offer the same outstanding quality thatís simulator builders have always demanded.

    Ever lay in bed at night dreaming of your beloved project and wonder why you just paid 20 dollars for a small plastic knob? Or why you canít tell your wife/partner how much money the little box that arrived in the mail this afternoon cost? Letís face it, there is no getting around the fact that we all need to purchase parts to build our projects, itís just a question of how much you want to spend when comparing similar items from different stores on the web.

    Thatís where we come inÖ..

    Our aim is to simply give builders another option and lessen the financial burden that comes from embarking on a high end hobby such as this one.

    Our production techniques and finish are the same as other companies. We know this because we have specimens from every store on the net and of course real masters from Boeing and Airbus. So when you sit back and glance around your sim at our parts, you will be very satisfied with what you see.

    In the next few weeks we move into airbus parts and 737 panels with incorporated backlighting.

    For more information about Flight-Facsimile's product range see www.flightfacsimile.com

    For pricing and availablity you can contact David at flight-facsimile@hotmail.com