• NTHUSIM's Website is Now Live

    NTHUSIM is now open

    Create amazing exterior visuals for your sim! NTHUSIM lets you project your outside views onto wrap around screens. The site is now open. Check it out! http://nthusim.com/

    NTHUSIM is now open! Check out the setups page [http://nthusim.com/setups] to see what others are creating. There is a
    wiki and forum dedicated to visuals for home enthusiasts.

    Joining as a member is free and lets you:
    * Create your own setups and wiki pages
    * Comment on other people's setups and join the discussion
    * Send other users private messages
    * Download the NTHUSIM software and try it out for yourself

    Join now! [http://nthusim.com/user/register] http://nthusim.com/user/register