• Changing View Permissions Of Articles At MyCockpit

    MyCockpit Announcement
    MyCockpit, over the last several months has made a lot of positive improvements to the MyCockpit web site. MyCockpit web site is now much easier to navigate and with additional features, such as Tutorials, Builder of The Month Interviews and Podcasts, Featured Interviews, Mikes Tips, Vendor News, and more all from the HOME page rather than searching for them in the forums.

    There is another positive change coming, which will benefit all of you. So please Click on below line for more information.

    The above mentioned change, to us (as staff), obviously had a positive effect, has worked and is being efectively utilized by you.

    The negative side of this, is we're having a difficult time tracking what you view. Since our change from our old format, a change was made to our cookie prefix, requiring you to sign in again and telling MyCockpit to remember you. About 65% of you did that, and now we are only able to gather statistical data of 65% of members.

    That's not all of it.

    We can only gather data from members that are signed in. As you know it's important to know how many people view/read an article. That's how we can distinguish what topics are the type of articles you want to read, or not.

    Less then 10% of people using our site, sign in or register. That's why most sites require you to sign-in/register to view certain areas of the site.

    To resolve this issue and benefit our readers in the long run, is to require certain areas of the site only to be available to registered members, who are signed in.

    Over the next couple of months, MyCockpit will limit certain areas to registered members only. The FORUMS and HOME page will not be effected. We will announce when each section will be changed to members only status.