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    MyCockpit Introducing ""Mike Powell" to MyCockpit

    I'm very excited to introduce a new segment to MyCockpit. The renowned Mike Powell will be presenting "Tips" regarding flight simulation building, his section is called "Mikes Tips."

    Most of you have know Mike because of his continued contribution to our hobby. I think everyone knows of mikesflightdeck.com Mike was the first to present such a site and personally I couldn't of build my cockpit without it. His continued support throughout the many web sites related to Flight Simulation has been enormous.

    Let's not forget two amazing contributions to our hobby, Mikes two books:
    • Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation
    • Building Recreational Flight Simulators

    What a world of information.

    I believe many of us will gain much from "Mikes Tips" and we certainly appreciate Mikes contribution.

    Matt Olieman