• How to Make Trim Wheels

    Tutorial Presented By Member Gérard Vermaelen
    Gérard Vermaelen presents us an interesting tutorial on "How to make a Trim Wheel". He takes us through his own experience in creating Trim Wheels . Are you ready to create you very own Trim Wheel in simple steps?

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    • A piece of plywood or MDF of 10/12mm thickness
    • Wooden bowls ( generally found in a hobby shop). These are used for necklace making. They are predrilled,just find nails which have same size of holes.

    • Glue and paint

    STEP 1

    With a jig saw cut the desired round shape. Now divide the circle into portions ( which depends on trim wheel size). With a router or with a file make notches at the same size of the wooden bowls.

    STEP 2

    Drill holes for the nails, so plywood or MDF will not split and of course add glue and nail it in place.

    STEP 3

    Fill the gaps with a wood filler

    STEP 4

    Now apply primer and paint.


    And there you go.

    Author: Gérard Vermaelen