• Force Feedback Joystick from Flight Illusion

    Flight Illusion presents a product that really raises the mark in General Aviation Simulator Technology. The all new Force Feedback Flight Yoke .

    The fact the this yoke is not the average, left, right, in and out yoke simply amazes me and really gives other competitors something to worry about, and the pressure is on. Force Feedback often seen in flight joysticks and controllers has been adapted into a flight Yoke. When you bank right for example in your sim, the yoke will add a realistic level of pressure as encountered in a real aircraft, and vice versa. The yoke incorporates motors and a micro processor and some other exciting goodies to make your flight as realistic as possible.

    This is not on sale yet and we guess this is something that FI are working on, but you can see a short movie on the FI website at: