• Good News for OpenCockpits CDU Owners

    A new driver has been developed for the OpenCockpits CDU B737 with the Boeing PMDG 737-800/900, which is now available from the download area of OpenCockpits website.

    The driver contains, on the one hand, the transference of the keystrokes of the CDU to the FMS of the PMDG 737 as well as an external CDU display which is pulled on the screen of the OpenCockpits CDU. Refused on account of the fact that PMDG still the passing on of a SDK, the announcement part of the PMDG CDU-Panels on one of the connected monitor must be visible, ideally on a part of a monitor which is covered by the MIP or similar. Users of Windows 7 can shift the PMDG CDU-Panel also beyond the visible area of the monitor, so that it is virtually invisible. Background for this is that the announcement area of the PMDG CDU-Panels must be handed over as a Screenshot to the external CDU display.

    With this driver which is rather simply to be furnished arise new possibilities to pursue an inexpensive hardware CDU with the PMDG 737-NG!

    Prospective customers can also download the manuals to find out about the prerau's settlements for OpenCockpits CDU with the PMDG 737-NG and afterwards to make a purchase decision: http://www.b737sim.de/downloads/ pmdg737drvger.pdf (German manual) or http://www.b737sim.de/downloads/pmdg737drv.pdf (English manual).