• How to Make Post Lamps

    Tutorial Presented By Member Gérard Vermaelen
    Gérard Vermaelen presents us an interesting tutorial on "How to make Post Lamps". He takes us through his own experience in creating post lamps which he used in his cockpit. Are you ready to create you very own post lamps in 9 simple steps?

    • Round aluminium (I took 10mm ext, 8mm Int)
    • A dremel tool
    • PVC sheet of 3mm
    • 8mm fixing plugs and
    • leds

    STEP 1

    Saw Cut the Aluminium

    STEP 2

    Dremel Cut the Aluminium as show in the image

    STEP 3

    Make some round pieces of 3mm PVC wth help of a Dyce. See Image below

    STEP 4

    With a file, give the desired shape to PVC as desired

    STEP 5

    Glue the Aluminium with the PVC

    STEP 6

    Drill a 10mm hole in your cockpit panel and insert. Glue backside if necessary. See Image below

    STEP 7

    Cut a 8MM Raw Plug half way as shown in the image below

    STEP 8

    A First Attempt was made with 12V lamps. Due to the heat dissipation the PVC cover becomes loose. So what worked for me was 5mm LEDS "Golden White" 2800 MCD [Conrad Reference N 18582320 GW], which gave warm tones and also was cool enough. See image below:

    STEP 9

    Of Course once done test it.


    And there you go.

    Author: Gérard Vermaelen