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    Exclamation FAQ

    PSXseeconTraffic Frequenly Asked Questions (work in progress)

    1. Generic

    1.1 Will it become available for FSX?
    It is available for FSX since March 10, 2017, beta version 5.15

    1.2 Can other Traffic programs being used together with PSXseeconTraffic?
    Yes, although not recommended.

    1.3 How many live aircraft can PSXseeconTraffic inject in the Flight Simulator?
    As many as provided by RealTraffic for PSX and fullfilling the selection criteria defined in the main window. So up to approx 250 live. Next to this it can park up to say 250 static aircaft.

    1.4 What's the impact on frames per second?
    Little. Contrary to AI packages such as UT2 or MyTraffic, the calculations for the aircraft positions take place outside the Flight Simualtor. Running PSXseeconTraffic and RealTraffic for FSX at a second windows PC/laptop gives of course the best results.

    1.5 Can I run PSXseeconTraffic networked (from a second PC) ?
    Yes you can. You could even run it on a Win10 laptop while your Sim is still running under Win7.

    2. Installation

    2.1 I get a message about a MSVCP140.dll?
    Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, see Manual section 1.1

    2.2 I get a message about a Side-by-Side issue?
    Install the Microsoft Simconnect Client version 10.0.61259, see Manual section 1.1

    2.3 Program does not start in Win 7 64 bit?
    Uninstall Windows Updates KB3118401, KB4015549 and KB4019264
    Note also that since version 5.38 PSXseeconTraffic is Win 10 only...

    3. Running

    3.1 All aircraft disappear during or at take-off?
    Select Show AIR TFC in RealTraffic for PSX.

    3.2 I get a "livery" cannot be created warning?
    The livery could not be created in your SIM. This can happen if the whole AI package is not activated in your Sim (but then you will get a lot more warnings in your log file). If it is just an accidental message then there is something wrong in the configuration of the livery in your SIM. You should remove this livery from the file AI_Liveries.txt or -better- remove it from your Sim. This way you will not get that warning again.

    3.3 I do not see parked aircraft at my origin airport?

    If you start your flight at an airport and you see no parked aircraft while you have an ICAO-airportname.txt file with parking positions for it and the percentage_parked parameter in that file is > 0, than that airport is probably missing in the internal database of PSXseecontraffic.

    See manual section 7.1 about how to fix that..
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