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    null null

    [elements] Coding

    Hello Enrico

    Could you explain

    'multibutton ON+,OFF+,-123.6,-173.4,1,or,WiperL,WiperL


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    Enrico Schiratti

    Re: [elements] Coding

    > Could you explain
    > 'multibutton ON+,OFF+,-123.6,-173.4,1,or,WiperL,WiperL

    Hmmm... you found one in the 737? They are used a lot in the A320 and 747
    ones... just uncomment it (in the 737) and you will see.

    It is one of those buttons with a text at the top and one at the bottom...
    the first two entries are for that, then the coordinates, the size, colours

    (orange up, red down), then the variable names to set/display.



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    null null

    Re: [elements] Coding

    On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 05:50:56 EST, Enrico
    Schiratti wrote:

    >> Could you explain
    >> 'multibutton ON+,OFF+,-123.6,-173.4,1,or,WiperL,WiperL

    >Hmmm... you found one in the 737?


    Could you state what charters can be used to comment out lines.

    is the = used to repeat the "rect" in the code below?

    rect -93.2,-150.7,-92.7,-177.7
    = -76.8,-150.8,-76.2,-177.6


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