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    Precision Flight Controls

    Hope that this discussion line is OK. I am a fan of PFC and have used them for years. Currently have two and I am shortly going to be listing some older Precision Flight Control hardware. I have a Dual Mooney yoke linked setup that includes the trim wheel in addition to all the appropriate switches on the panel. Currently set up with a single engine throttle quadrant but I could switch this to a Lear Jet or Twin prop if someone wanted. Along with that are a set of dual linked PFC rudder pedals and an older pfc radio stack.

    I will be posting pictures in the next several days but I wanted to lay out some info on this setup. I have spoken with the folks at PFC and this unit was built probably in 1998 or 1999. It uses a serial connection to a computer and IT WAS SPECIFICALLY BUILT TO USE WITH ELITE SOFTWARE. I emphasized the latter because, in its current state, it will not work with any other flight software and it is not upgradeable to do so. I own a newer Cirrus II PFC setup and was going to try to swap the board from that one to this one but Ivan, the tech at PFC did some additional research and after initially thinking that it might work, came back and said it would not.

    I do not know if everything works in this or not. I think so, as I can get it to power up by using the power supply from my Cirrus II but I cannot test it. I have the Elite software it ran on and would be happy to include that but it is an older version, 32 bit only, and runs on Windows 98 or WindowsNT. All of my computers are 64 bit machines running Windows 10 so I cannot even load the software to test anything.

    I was seriously considering either using the hardware and hooking up to an Arduino board or some such to modernize it and bring it up to date or even gutting my Cirrus II and swapping the innards with this one to gain the dual yokes, rudders, and trim wheel but after thinking for a long time I just do not have the time to take on a major project so I have decided to move up to a basic AATD with a glass cockpit so I can spend some time actually flying and learn the glass cockpit.

    If someone is interested in some interesting hardware and has the skills and the time, this could be an inexpensive way to get started or up your game. I am going to list these separately but would certainly entertain someone offering a bid for the entire package. But the other reason I wanted to put this here is this thing is big (about 45" x 28" x 10" or so for the main flight panel) and it is heavy so anyone who does decide to buy it would be responsible for any shipping costs or, preferrably, pick it up. I live in Eagan, MN.

    Look for the pics over the next few days in the classified section and feel free to shoot me any questions (or comments). I will be selling the CIRRUS II unit as well which does work and, although it is also a com port (serial) unit, works with a serial to USB adaptor and runs well on all versions of windows. That one has all the appropriate cables and power supply. The big sucker does not, but it uses the same standard cables and power supply and those are readily available pretty much anywhere.

    Again, hope putting this here is OK and I apologize for the wordiness. Will be listing some Saitek equipment and an ITRA Active Module set of radios on the site or ebay (under N4208T) over the next week as well.

    I have attached one pic of the whole thing while it was still on a palette. As you can see, I actually bought this thing on a government auction from a University flight school.


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