Hi, First I would like to say thanks to Jim for his excellent software.
I have installed link2fs multi for FSX on a friends computer after having sucess on my sim.
Both computers are running windows 7 home premium 64bit. Link3fs runs perfect on my system but keep getting and error on his about the background worker.
It says unhandled exception has occurred in your aplication.
The backgroundworker is currently busy and can not run multiple tasks.
In the exception text it mentionsLink2fsmulti anunrefreshtimer_tick(Object sender,EventArgs e)

We are using link2fs multi for FSX experts.
His system is an I7 477K 3.5ghz, 8 gig ram.
.net4.5 is installed on both systems

Does anyone know what if anything can be done to prevent this.
Prior to the error the arduino code works well driving 4 16x2 displays for 4 radios switches and leds.