I am designing a Cessna 172 Home cockpit based Arduino Megas and I am planning to use on software side an A2A C172 and an FSX.
I just designed a matrix board to connect the switches, have an ide how I will control the servos, read the rotary encoders.
But I am wondering how am I going to create the radio stack.
I am going to use some MAX7221 led controller ICs to control so many LEDs, but I don't know yet how am I going to decide which LED should be lit.
I am planning to use an own c++ software to output info from simulator to the arduinos.
I know that with SimConnect I can output things like airspeed, altitude, heading, and radio freqs, transponder code and stuff like that.
But my problem is that the radio stack contains much more than frequencies.
Such as LED letters like: OBS, TO, CH (and the channel settings), the 16 segment LED displays on the right side of the radio...
So my question is that is there a way to output infos about the status of these letters and stuff, or I have program the arduino like that the display will behave exactly as it does in the same.

Thanks in advance for any help about this topic,