It has been a while but Iím stuck with the following and hope some can help me. I bought a new input card and because I knew that I was going to use encoders to I bought the input card with encoder connections. I thought it would be all the inputs (36)with a possibility to connect 4 encoders to and That seems not to be the case. The first 8 inputs seems to reserved for encoders. When i use the SIOC monitor the first 8 inputs are green (open) even do there is nothing connected. When I do connect the first encoder to ec1 pin1 and ec1 pin3 and the pin2 to the grnd and I turn the encoder nothing happens. I removed the encoder and placed it at the input 1 and 2 still nothing happens. I have tested the encoders on other inputs and they work. So is this card fried or m i missing something.