Hello Nico,

My (FSX) Level-D B767 has an option to assign a key/joystick button to Soft Autopilot Disconnect and Soft Auto-throttle Disconnect (in <Settings/Custom Controls> under the Level-D menu). However, these controls appear unassignable in practice. In the real-world aircraft these correspond to switches mounted on the yoke and throttle quadrant, and I understand that they disconnect the autopilot and auto-throttle without disarming them (so the autopilot and auto-throttle switches do not move to their disconnect/off positions when they are disconnected by this method), and are used during landing. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I was wondering if you have more information about the availability of this option under the SDK. I could not find any reference to these controls in the lekseecon_f manual.

For now I have assigned the yoke a/p disconnect and pedestal a/p disconnect to the main MCP switch controls for a/p and a/t, but for reasons I have mentioned, it does not produce the 'true effect'.