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    Boeing 737 sim pilots needed for party near Washington, DC Saturday May 14


    I'm having a party at my house on Saturday, May 14 from 10am to 6pm. My house is located in Vienna, VA, near Dulles.

    My 737 simulator will be running, and I need two experienced sim pilots to run the sim for my guests.

    Prerequisites: familiarity with Prepare 3D and typical Boeing 737 flight profiles. Good communication skills with adults and kids. Availability for the entire party. Familiarity with Prosim is desirable but not necessary.

    One sim pilot will be in the cockpit at all times to assure proper use. The other pilot will be just outside the sim maintaining the sign up list for guests interested in going on a sim ride. If other guests are waiting, sim rides will be limited to one circuit consisting of a takeoff from and landing back at the same airport with a 10 mile final. The sim pilot will sit in the FO seat and manipulate the gear lever, flap lever and, optionally, the power controls so that the guest flying can concentrate on stick (yoke) and rudder flying. The two sim pilots can rotate positions periodically as desired.

    The sim is real Boeing 737 cockpit converted for home simulator use. It features full dual-linked controls, a three projector visual system, FDS hardware and dynamic force feedback.

    I can't do this myself because my wife has threatened to leave me if I disappear into the sim for the entire party.

    In the past this has proven a very popular attraction with both kids and adults attending the party. A certain amount of tact is necessary to keep this an orderly process.

    Payment: $20 per hour person, plus free lunch (typical Louisiana Crawfish boil), and beer (assuming the sim pilots are old enough).

    PM me for details.
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