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    Inputs with mouse clicks

    I would like some advice if possible regarding FS9.
    I am intending to make a basic panel for all rotary encoders, selector switches and other switches, not elaborate, but just to make it easier than having to use the mouse all the time.
    I have a Project AI A320 model with a panel by Ken Mitchell, I notice the same panel appears on the A321 in FSX and it appears that some of the rotary encoders and selector switches, also other switches are not identifiable as they are only mouse clicks and have no keyboard action.
    Before I spend time and money on this project I need to know if it is possible to interface the items and if so how, or is this only possible, or not, in FSX. I have perused the Links2FS site but I am unclear if this is possible. My intention is to use the Bodner BU0836 interface which appears to be easier than an Arduino. As the data is passed from the panel by mouse clicks I would have thought it was possible in some way.
    I have FSX, but I have all the sceneries and other information for FS9 so I would prefer to stay with FS9 at the moment.
    I would appreciate some advice on this subject or if another post has dealt with this; I have looked at some posts but they do not seem to apply to inputs, just with mouse clicks.
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