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    Need help with Link2fs and Keyboard Encoder

    Saw Jim's program a couple of weeks back. Went looking for Key2Mouse and re-discovered the Link2fs_mouse program. It took a few minutes - fortunately Jim had several examples in his docs - and I got it working. Sort of.

    I have a Hagstrom KE-USB108 keyboard encoder. Using it with Flight Simulator X and having a ball.

    Today I got the Link2fs program working just fine with my standard keyboard, but no joy in sending "data" from the keyboard encoder.
    i've tried about every permutation I can come up with but nothing seems to work.

    I'm hoping I'm only missing something obvious!

    UPDATE: If you're in the market for a great keyboard encoder and a superlative customer service - check out Hagstrom Electronics. They solved my problem in the blink of an eye and were very polite about it in the process.

    The two-character sequence required in Link2fs_mouse need "delays" in between the char sending for the mouse function. Following Hagstrom's recommendation, I started with a 500msec delay between each keystroke. Didn't work. But it *did* work at 400msec delay in between each keystroke. Problem solved!

    Art Burke
    Leesburg, FL
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