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    737 Push Reset AP / AT / FMC Msg lights

    Hey guys, I am trying to eliminate the last little quirks in the 737 sim and right now I cannot get this little nuisance issue to resolve.

    The AP / AT P/RST buttons do work. I can click the AP off after disconnecting, and it goes dark but the AT will stay lit and change from flashing to steady and remain on. I can not switch it off at all unless I reactivate AT. Those are controlled by an FDS sys card I believe as it is an FDS product the MIP and the lights. So if I discon the AP it flashes and if pressed goes away, but if I discon the AT, it flashes but then when I press the button, instead of going off it remains lit up red steady no flashing. How would I go about fixing this? AP and FMC lights work as intended.
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