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    Dear All,

    I am trying to build a MCP panel for Ifly 737NGX. Ifly is installed with all updates on my computer. Licensed FSUIPC and IflyToFsuipc is installed and running. My program and buttons and leds are working with default 737-800
    I could read and use all data related to MCP LEDs with Offsets 9409 and 940A via FSUIPC setting in Link2FS(I colud read and use bitshift function in ardunio code) but I need to use offsets 9400 in order to use MCP buttons. I could not find how can i send this offset with proper value(for example 9400 - 230 for LNAV)to FS while Ifly and IflyToFsuipc are running

    I could control all other buttons with CONTROLS settings but these setting for stock planes and these planes does not have LNAV and VNAV switches.

    Probably, I could not understand the way of setting and/or form of code that i need. I've searched many forums to find a solution but all threats were related to SIOC or POKeys cards.

    Would you please help me to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance

    Faruk ATUK
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