Hey Guys,

as my selfbuilt A320 Glareshield comes closer to being completed (will update the buildingthread soon) i now wanted to start interfacing it.
I want it to work with FMGS and lateron AST and built the connections via OC I/O-Cards.

Now when it comes to setting up the Software i am very confused. I read some tutorial about SIOC today and it seems pretty difficult to me. Not the "programming"-part itself but more the knowledge you need about the Airplane.
As far as i understood i need to know under which curcumstances which Indications are on or off in an A320 or can i get this information from the Simulator via FSUIPC?

How would you start to configure/interface the Hardware?

Completed SIOC-Scripts for A320 seem to be rare or did i miss something on the internet?

thanks in advance,