Hey MYC Members,

It's been a while since I've posting anything regarding my cockpit project, but that's because Karen, aka Simlady, and I have been building a 40'x60' metal building to house my flight sim(s), as I got 3 of them. We started back in July '15 and we're still going on it...things like this are really slow.

Anyway, I am posting a link for my running thread over on Cockpit Builders dot com. I have a lot of posts and pics on that thread, and rather then get redundant with it on MYC, I figure the link will do for those interested in erecting a building/Hangar for you sim. You could also call it a Man-Cave...lol.


As a foot note, I routinely post links from one site to the other or back the other way. This way I can reach members of both sites easier...as we're all one big community.

Best Regards,