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    Hi folks,

    I recently bought a second hand set of throttles from a chap. They were described and sold as fully working. However something is amiss somewhere.

    The throttles didn't come with a USB cable but it seemed it required a printer type which I had laying around. I connected this and then noticed the issues. The throttles registered on windows as they should, however whenever I set the serial port number, it forgets it.

    the second issue is that when the throttles are moved, the inputs on the setup program sometimes move and sometimes don't.

    The flap inputs are simply ignored.

    Nothing works, even on fsuipc...

    I got back onto the guy that sold them and he said there should be another cable. I'm still waiting for him to send it weeks and weeks later and beginning to feel like he's talking BS.

    Does anyone have a set of these things or could help? They are -

    Emailed the manufacturer and had nothing back..

    Some pics I took of the board....

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