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    A320 Korry Switches Designs and Silk Screen Print.


    I'm new here and I read a load of home cockpit guides, one of them I imagine many of you have come across before is the 'How to make your own korry switches without CNC!'

    ( )

    I read this and got quotes from 3 different companies, all saying it would be 160 for an equivalent A4 sheet of silk screen printed korry switch designs on Lexan! BUT they said they would do 5 prints at that cost as they said the set-up cost was 140 on its own! So I thought I might try give this a shot, I was thinking if 4 more people put in 35 (this is including postage to UK (Paypal)) I could then ship you a copy each as im sure you dont all want to be spending 160 a sheet! This may be in the wrong forum because as I said i'm new here. But anyway I thought I'd see if anyone was interested as I would like to use silk screen printing as it gives a better effect other than vinyl cut.

    The print would include:
    Total of 48 2cm x 2cm designs printed onto Lexan 125mic only in black and translucent ink, 4x layers of black ink in order to block the light from LEDs underneath and 1x layer of translucent ink where the text is so the light only bleeds from the text.
    The button designs include:


    I have also attached the zip file including all the designs listed in case you wanted to just print them normally.

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