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    A320 Simulator progress

    Hi Guys,

    this will be a thread showing the progress of my A320-Simulator, which i started to build today. I hope that at some points i can give ideas of how to solve specific issues and at other points get help myself, when ill get stuck.

    Some words about myself: My name is Thomas, Im 24 and a reallife pilot living in Germany currently waiting for a job and spending time now to build a practice-simulator for my friends and myself.

    So far Ive only been planing a lot for the last couple of months now. Today i got a package from Opencockpits and started soldering some I/O-Cards.

    For now i have some pictures of the Glareshield to share, before building it in reality will start over the weekend:
    The construction will consist out of a Backplate of plywood on which several platines will be mounted to carry the electronic-parts. In front of those there will just be directly the panel, which I plan to laser-cut and -engrave out of painted acrylic glass.

    greetings, Thomas
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