Ok im begining my 737 Ng home build , ive started the MIP frame and glaresheild etc and going to order the mip panels from cockpitsimparts.

However i really need clarifications on how to interface switches and outputs to leds and lamps etc.

I understand i need to wire the switches to a Input board , that connects to a master board then to a usb expansion board which in turn is connected via usb to a computer.

Outputs i suppose are the reverse... ? on an outputs board.

What im struggling to find concrete information on, is what software to use to setup all the toggle switches and outputs.

I know FSUIPC is required and theres a lot of SIOC talk on the forums.... the problem is im not a programmer and the learning curve is real high.

Ive saw things like PM systems that gives a grid view of inputs and a 2D panel representation of the input.

there seems to be so many software providers for setting up the components i have no idea which one to buy or get , and what i need to learn.

This question might seem silly to a lot of you... for that apologies.