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    What would be the best starter Kit?

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been doing a little reading and want to start trying to build something using an Ardunio like a radio stack or something like it but I'm curious the best way to get started.

    Ideally I'd like to do it in software, but I'm not sure what emulator to use as most of them seem to require you to build them from scratch and I'm uncertain if they would allow me to run the emulator and interface with FSX so I could truly test before I build.

    So if I did go ahead and just dive in with hardware, can someone recommend a good starter kit? Most the ones I see are fairly expensive with a lot of bits I wouln't use (not sure what I'd do with an IR receiver and remote for instance)

    I've never done anything like this before but can follow directions and troubleshoot. Just trying to figure out the best way to start off so to speak.

    Any thoughts appreciated

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    Re: What would be the best starter Kit?

    Welcome aboard VinceN.

    What can I say. My brother used to complain about finding his kid's Lego blocks everywhere. Parts of my first unfinished project covers every flat surface.

    You have found the best site for this and I assume that you have checked the posts and projects at
    Start with whatever is needed to complete one of these using a solderless breadboard and jumpers.

    Link2fs_Multi_Starter_Pack An INO “Starter pack” for the Multi ,, for “Newbie” Arduino flight simmers. Dec 2013
    Link2fs_Multi_Annunciator Panel An Arduino Alarm panel project for FSX or FS9. July 2013
    Link2fs Multi Radio Panel project An Arduino Nav/Com project for FSX or FS9. July2013

    Buy cheap until you know your commitment and buy at least one official Arduino board for yourself and one or more as gifts or donations to middle schools. A nano clone on the fore mentioned breadboard will do everything required with maybe some loss of total circuit power compared to the larger UNO or MEGA boards. Rotary encoders certainly, along with 12x12mm tactile switches, and a bundle of assorted jumpers. Add a low wattage resistor pack with ten or so of each common resistance, and a 25 pack of cheap LEDs should be enough to start for a realistic investment. If you have soldering equipment, mounting components with PCB contacts to pieces of double side prototype boards and downward facing headers will prolong their life and simplify the task of laying out the board.

    You are fortunate living in Michigan in that you have several mail order providers and 7 day delivery is possible fairly cheaply.

    When you get started watch out for the punctuation - especially the single and double equal signs and never use a delay(0); instruction.

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