Hi everyone,

I've just finished building a 737 overhead and have all switches and annunciators working properly with the exception of the potentiometers. I tried to set the potentiometers to control the zone temp as well as the circuit breaker and overhead panel lights in the game (not the physical LEDs) using FSUIPC for the PMDG NGX. However, I'm getting odd behavior from the zone temp knobs. When I twist the pot either clockwise or counter clockwise the knob in the game only goes clock wise. On the light dimmer knobs, it will jump up to the 12 o clock position and twist back to "off."

I assigned the potentiometers to the throttle and spoiler axis and they ran smooth as butter with zero problems. That leads me to believe the pots are fine and functioning how they should be. For some reason they just don't want to work with dimmer knobs and zone temp knobs. Has anyone had this issue or have any ideas on what I can try to get this sorted out?