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    link2fs v6f Manual Refresh not working for me!

    In my Radio Stack and Auto Pilot project (see another post in this forum) I wish to initially sync my panel from FSX in the setup() routine using the recently implemented link2fs (v6f) manual Refresh so it only occurs once. I have Refresh time (Sec) set to 0 on the Coms Settings tab.

    From there on, all updates (frequency, button changes etc) will be sent from my panel to FSX via link2fs.

    However, I am having a problem getting "REF" to trigger the refresh.

      while (!Serial.available()) {delay(50);}  //  keep looping until FSX has sent some data
      while (Serial.available()) {                   // continue to read serial buffer until empty
        CodeIn = getChar(); 
        if (CodeIn == '#') {HASH();}             // process incoming FSUIPC offsets
      } // while(Serial.available...)
    The while (! Serial.available()) loop (on the second line above) never exits as no data is received as seen using the link2fs Monitor.
    However, if I substitute "SEC" for "REF" in the first line of the above code, the FSX responds with $Rxx as expected.

    I have a number of FSUIPC offsets defined - which have been verified - thus...

    Can anyone shed any light on where I am going wrong?
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