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    Saitek yoke some wires being cut

    Hi, everyone.

    I have a 3 years old Saitek Pro flight yoke .

    Currently some of the buttons on the yoke (including the timer and Its display) don't work and I realized that some of the wires coming out from the end of the shaft are cut. But some of them remained OK and probably that's why I have the Axis still working .

    The main issue is that as you can see in the images bellow, those wires are being cut from the base which makes It hard to work on them.

    Above you can see the wires are labeled (both by Saitek and in the picture) and divided into 3 groups once they come out of the kit.
    And that's before being cut at the shaft.

    You see how deep and severe the problem is? The wires were glued together as they come out of the shaft and head to the kit. But by heating them carefully using the heat gun, I was able to melt the glue and separate each one of them individually.
    IMO Saitek's Intention by doing this was to protect(?) the out coming wires but It made the situation worse as wires were cut in groups thanks to the gluing! They could have used a more effective method rather than just pouring glue over them!

    Anyway, I started to gently pull the wires and realize that there's some extra clearance to pull the wires a bit more out of the shaft and have more slack.

    So the slack problem is solved but here's the tricky part. If you look at the first picture you'll notice that each of the 3 groups of wires has at least one repetitive color code in It. So each group having 1 yellow for example, and we'll end up having 3 cutted wires at the end of the shaft waiting to be connected to It's corresponding continue and there's no way you can differentiate these three wires as they look exactly the same.
    I didn't continue any further as I would have been risked burning all the electronics, ICs and etc.

    Guys , I want this loyal buddy back to business. So please help .
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