Good evening!

As the title suggests, i'm starting a 777 project.
So basically, my two favourite aircrafts are the 757 and 777, and since there really are no quality parts to be bought anywhere for the 757, it was a simple choice to go with the 777.

Now, i am planning to buy what i can, i am hoping to get MIP and the glareshield structure from FDS. BUT, i already have the money down to buy 1 FMC for the 777. So i'm looking for a bit of advice, get the FMC now, or save up some more for to get the MIP and glare first?

Also, there are many things for the 777 that FDS does not deliver, at least there is a lot not on their website. So i'm wondering if anyone has plans/dimensions for a shell?
And also, is there any good 777 yokes/pedals/throttle on the market anywhere?

I emailed FDS, and they were asking a whopping 13,000$ for a TQ.

Lastly, i'm not very good or familiar with electronics. Do i need a lot of computers? Is there a lot of custom wiring involved in a build like this?