Hi Guys,

I recently built a new i7 based machine, with a 240GB SSD and a pair of 2 TB hard drives.
Using info gleaned from the net I moved most of my scenery to a different drive creating a link in the SSD to the new location. While this works (sort of) after about a hours flying if I try to go to another airport from the menu, the screen gets totally corrupted. This varies in the effect from missing bits of the cockpit, to a sudden repeating of the scenery, yet FSX does not crash altogether, I can still get to the main menu but the issue always requires a restart of FSX.

I also have both P3D-2 and FSX Steam on my machine and these are both native with no other scenery installed, yet this problem does not happen with either of these. So has anyone else had this sort of problem? or do you think my FSX has got screwed up, or has moving the scenery to another drive caused the problem?

I've checked the hardware by swapping the video card and RAM, even the power supply (suggested by a friend) but the problem persists. I would reinstall the whole lot if necessary but it's going to take me hours because of all the scenery I run with. Incidentally I didn't have this problem on the old machine, but there was no SSD so everything was installed on the main C: drive.

Any advice would be appreciated.