Hi everybody!

Im new in this foum, and intent to make first steps in building a HC for an Airbus a320.
So i decided to use this fantastic Software from Jeehell!!
I did my fist tests with Outputs (7Segment Displays, leds) and Inputs with some Arduinos interfacing with a own Piece of Software written in vb.net using the FSUIPC Offsets for the FMGS. It works.
Now i read about using Simconnect instead of the FSUIPC Offsets and about a documentation and a SDK how to use and integrate Simconnect.
So far im a Little confused how to manag that because the Standard Simconnect API calls seemed not to work
with the FMGS and most of the other Add-ons?!
Could anyone give me some hints or even examles how to develop and integrate own Hardware into HardwareConnect?

Thanks mike