I'll be very grateful if someone could help me wiring up my homemade TQ to an Opencockpits DC Motor Plus Card please?

My 3D printed throttle consists of 2 throttle levers each with a geared potentiometer and 6V DC motor with a clutch.

I've connected 5V between +V motor and GND and position 2 and 3 are set on the respective power jumpers. Motors are connected to MOT1 and MOT2.


Which analogue input should I use for the throttle pots if I want to use autopositioning? The manual is a bit confusing


AN5, AN6 and AN7 inputs can be used for the self-positioning of MOT-1, MOT-2 and MOT-3 motors

and then


entries AN1 to AN4 are connected to the sense of MOT-1, MOT-2, MOT-3 and MOT-4 motors respectively.

Should the motor sensor jumpers be closed for auto positioning?

I've used the test software and I'm able to move the motors in different directions by sending values to motor 1 etc but the analogue inputs make no sense and don't seem to correlate with the motor positioning, unfortunately the manual isn't very helpful.

I'm familiar with SIOC scripts but want to get the basic wiring correct before I get on with the script.

I'll be grateful for any assistance and hope that I've provided sufficient information.