Hi Jim

It's a pleasure follow this forum and I'm learning too much with the posts here.
I'm building a home cockpit based on Baron 58 airplane and as this is a bimotor plane, I would like to have 2 rotary switches, one for each magneto (engine 1 and engine 2) like the real airplane.

I noticed that the functions in link2fs regarding magnetos are not working properly. Did you already notice about that ? The problem is about the "L" magneto:

- E02 or E07: it's working well and the "R" magneto turns ON
- E03 or E08: it's not working. When you send this command to FSX, the "L" position is skipped and the magneto goes directly to "BOTH" position
- E04 or E09: it's working well and the magneto goes to "BOTH" position

Is there any problem with link2fs that you already know ?? Any suggestion to solve this issue ??

Please, could you help me ???

Thank you so much,