In order to achieve a mock-up cockpit of spacecraft based on the SNC Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser, we would like to create a visual context of almost 180 with 3 projectors.

The screen should not be higher than 2m, preferably solid (we won't be able/eager to go for vacuumed textile) and the 3 projectors could/shoud be fixed on the roof top of our shell.

a.) Could you help me define a nice way to build this kind of screen? or should we go for a COTS ?

b.) What kind of projectors (3) you would recommend here ? Is there a built-in parameter to play with the bending edges ?

c.) Could a single Linux box with a good 3-output DP/HDMi adapter play the
(we would run Celestia as context software display, based on spacecraft position/velocity joysticks as XYZ+YPR I/Os)

Thank you very much for any kind of hints, comment, remarks or models !