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    PMDG 777 ACP (Audio Control Panel) Commands

    First, I want to thank the author of Link2fs for such a great help in bridging the gap for a novice builder such as myself.

    Second, let me preface my question with some information from the SDK .h file...

    // Audio control panel selected receiver flags.
    // The COMM_ReceiverSwitches[3] variables may contain any combination of these flags.
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_VHFL            0x0001
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_VHFC            0x0002
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_VHFR            0x0004
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_FLT            0x0008
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_CAB            0x0010
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_PA             0x0020
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_HFL            0x0040
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_HFR            0x0080
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_SAT1            0x0100
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_SAT2            0x0200
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_SPKR            0x0400
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_VOR_ADF        0x0800
    #define ACP_SEL_RECV_APP            0x1000
    #define EVT_ACP_CAPT_REC_SPKR                            (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 564) 
    #define EVT_ACP_CAPT_REC_VORADF                            (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 571) 
    #define EVT_ACP_CAPT_REC_APP                            (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 573)
    I am trying to send ZZ702031 ( for EVT_ACP_CAPT_REC_VORADF) and some other combinations with the hex above. It seems as if it simulates the button press of the VOR/ADF speaker along with the button press sound, but does not actually activate the speaker or the light. It seems like I'm missing the correlation between the hex and the proper variable to activate either of the three speakers for hearing VOR/ADF and Approach radios.

    Can anyone assist me in the proper entry for this?

    Thanks Much,


    While I wait for a response I figured I would send a pic of a portion of the project I am working on. This one really doesn't have much to do with my question ( I haven't even completed the Eagle design or made the PCB), but it is the first two of three parts of the MCP panel I'm working on. I really enjoy seeing the in-progress photos everyone posts on this forum.
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