This is still very frustrating. I can run 4.3.65 without the Phidget Control Panel or UI running and it see's my Phidget. Click on test and the relays work, but the FSvariable shows "internal" for the offset value. When I run FSX, the Phidget does nothing, as usuall. Also does nothing with the Phidget Control Panel and UI running.

Before when i tried to run 4.3.86 or 4.3.93 I got a run time error 91. I learned that if you start Phidget Control Panel and the UI and then try to run either of the updates, they load fine. Thats where things go sideways again. Neither 4.3.86 nor 4.3.93 see my Phidget, but they both show FSUIPC and the FSUIPC offset in the source block under Manage FsVariables.

Anybody got a suggestion? I am about ready to pay someone on the Phidgets forum to write me a program to run this damned thing.