Thank you for all you have done for the FS community. For Christmas this year I was allowed to choose what I wanted as gifts/ SO being the tinkerer I am, I chose a Mega, 20x4 LCD, Monetary switches .... I'm building your multi radio as my first project and would like some advice. This is my first attempt at learning coding as well.

I have managed to get your sketch to work with exception to one thing. I Only have rotary encoders and momentary switches as input devices. I'm not versed enough in coding to adapt the sketch to use a rotarty encoder instead of a 7 position switch to change lcdMode. If I can't do that, is there way I can use momentary switches instead? Everything is working now but if I want the LCD screen to display changes I make with the encoder I have to hold the momentary switch in (changes are visible in FSX, just not in my 20x4 LCD).
Any adice would be great.

Thanks again