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    New EFIS knobs from

    Hello everyone!

    First I want to say big thanks to Warren on who designed the knobs in 3D, and my pilot friend who gave very close, steady measurements and high resolution images.

    After over 150 emails with Warren, and nearly impossible desires from me, we have together come incredibly close to the real EFIS knobs. I would therefore now publicly say a big thank you to Warren. I have also promised him as a thank you, MCP knobs that are sent to him. He will also receive the first EFIS knobss I send.

    At last, the first prototypes were finished, of the upcoming EFIS knobs. The color, the structure and the marking will be better in the finished product. They will also naturally have text that will be designed from the real text. No fonts, but drawn text with the image of a real EFIS as a basis / background. The text will be made as a decal and then clear coated with matte clear coat over so that it is not torn.

    The size of knobs match the real ones by about 0.5mm on every single detail.

    I have not seen anyone sell this carefully designed EFIS knobs.

    They will be available in many different axes but the first is designed as one knobs. (not in loose parts) They will therefore fit EFIS and EFIS EL version that has only one axis. A set consists of 4 knobs.

    Some of the images you see the Old version of CPflight EFIS is from my cockpit as a test. You see that the white Rotary switch is visible, which is not beautiful. Therefore I do not think they will fit it.

    But they will fit all EFIS who has 6mm shaft.

    Later there will be separate knob versions for those who want to build more real.

    They will have 10 knobs total.

    I need at least 5 orders to start producing the knobs. There will be a Christmas offer on these four knobs at 70 euros. Then after February 1 will they cost 80 euros. There will also be 10 knobs version for 80 euros until February 1st then they will cost 99 euros. I know they are terribly expensive but the market is unfortunately very small.

    If you wish to preorder, please contact me and we will solve it by a transfer through paypal through my mail.

    Otherwise, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year all of you!

    (The picture you can see on ProSim forum)

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    Re: New EFIS knobs from

    You're very welcome, Jacob.
    For everyone else, I can definitely say that Jacob has an eye for detail. He is relentless at getting perfection. He wasn't kidding about the emails. At one point I was receiving emails with fine-tuning details on three separate accounts!
    I have to say that I learned a lot about Autodesk Inventor during this process. I have to say that all in all, I am very happy with Autodesk inventor. I do all my work there now and print directly to STL for 3D printing, or export to my Vectric software for CNC as a DXF.

    I am looking forward to receiving his knobs for Christmas.

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