Hey Guys,

Glad to be on board, introducing myself.. I am Zain from Toronto, Canada. Finished my undergrads last year and now working a full time developer.
I have been a flying enthusiast since I was around 15 and have logged numerous hours on VATSIM, virtual airlines and have bought upgrades for my PC, yoke, rudder pedals, throttles since then all from Saitek.

I have always had a dream of flying a mid-range aircraft (B737) and have been thinking of building my own 737 home cockpit! Now I do understand its going to be expensive and time consuming as I really don't wanna spend most of my money on asking someone else to assembling things but on purchasing products instead. As a Toronto residence, I am aware of Flight Deck Solutions here about 40 minutes from my place, but the questions I have is shall I purchase all my products from there? Being in Toronto I will not be able to avoid shipping and tax if I get it from anywhere else but Toronto so every product I get I calculate accordingly.

My concern's here is.. I would really like to build a shell cockpit. Now I am not going to put in all the modules (example second CDU, YOKE, Rudder) just yet, maybe in future but where shall I begin? The shell, The MIP, Glare, CDU BAY?

About the budget, I don't want to spend a full chunk of money ordering all the parts at once but move on slowly and add it up to my project.

Shell I have in mind is:

Thanks for reading! I am glad to be a member and I will be posting more updates as I move forward .

Happy Holidays!