Sunday, 30 November 2014 marks the first anniversary of the closing of the City Centre Airport in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Please take 10 minutes and fly a circuit.


Runway 30 active. elevation 2202, 5868 feet asphalt, right hand circuits.

Local conditions
Currently 2230Z 29 Nov 2014 -21 C. Dewpoint -29 C. clear, alt 30.09 in, winds 250 deg @ 10 knots

ILS runway 34, 109.5, proceedure turn LEFT within 9 NM of Xray NDB 266, alt 4000 ASL, missed approach climb to 3900 on track of 338 deg to XD NDB 201

Do it while you can. There is a condo under developement two storied higher than allowed under prior Nav Canada regurlations.