Hello all,

I have a problem to run FSX in fullscreenmode with the a.m. combination.
I know FSX and/or FSINN turns off AERO which IDP needs for work in window or desktop mode.
But not in fullscreen mode.

I tried all that with and without the batchfile to run AERO again. But both with the same result.

If I have FSX in fullscreen mode I can't start FSINN (by the way FSPassenger isn't working too)
If I run FSX in warped window mode I can start FSINN but if I switch then to fullscreen the screen stays black.

Compi specs aren't that bad..( I7 with 16 GB, GTX 770 4GB) so i think this is not the problem.

Do you have an idea ? I don't wanna fly in window mode.

Many thanks in advance and greetings,