Hi Folks,

I m now several nights searching for solution how to manage the correct movement of overhead gauges Opencockpits managed by servo and extension cards.

Overhead is connected by 1 extension and 2 servo UsB cards. IOCP ifly driver installed. All switches and Leds in perfect function just gauges make my life difficult. They are in reverse mode like start up zero position of needles is in MAX position ... rising up movement is presented like decrease... all servo motors react by the same way... so I assume is just a one point to solve it.

SIOC script and ini is downloaded from Opencockpit site and should reflect to the servo clockwise movement...even written in remarks in script mode.... driver should work correctly because switches and LEDS communicate with IFly / FSX without any problem...

Right now I have no idea what to check more...

Any help or direction?

Thanx for support