Jim, and guys

I've been using Link2fs for a while now, in the expert section i understand the FSUIPC and the Controls part but the bit that really baffles me is the Simconnect extractions to use with PMDG. I've been playing for hours with lots of different combinations of variable spellings and Units etc but to no success other that the default LIGHT TAXI which works fine with Units set as Bool.

I would love to learn this but i've read the PMDG PDF for the 737 and the 777 and i'm even more confused now, on my arduino programming do i need to include the PMDG_NGX_SDK.h file and if so do i need to add the code in the arduino to connect to it like in the example.cpp or is this done for me in the Link2fs program? The Microsoft page shows connecting from the hardware direct so if i do this will it then bypass the link2fs program? and the way Microsoft do it im not sure it will work over USB (i have ordered a Ethernet card so i can test that too.

As you can see i am trying but missing the mark some understanding get to grips with it. Can any of you point me to a guide or a simple explanation or even a brief sample to getting say one light output showing on the link2fs so i can see it in action and understand it better.

Cheers for your support chaps