I a building a Auto pilot panel for my father. So far everything is working out for me, i have all the hardware in place and i am now in the process of programming the Arduino.

When i was assiging Led's to my buttons I hit a Speedbump. If i enable the speedswitch in FSX the button Speed in FSX lights up, when I look in Link2_fs 5h on the simconnect extractions(1) tab I see both '=s AP Airspeed Hold active' and '=u AP Autothrottle active' change to 1. So i figured i could use these to handle my led's.
However, when I wanted to do the same for the N1 button I noticed this button also affects '=u AP Autothrottleactive'.

In short when I enable the speed button on the AP, N1 is also activated.

Is this normal behavior ?